System of rewarding players.

Please, keep on mind, that reward is NOT only one item in the game. It is a collection of commands and items, which will be given to player at claiming.

What does reward consist of?

  • Key - Unique name of the reward. It is used at assigment to the specific day.

  • Name - Real, human readable, name of the reward. Visible after claiming at opened window.

  • Description - Optional. Visible only for staff at Reward Repository for better orientation.

  • Icon - Item representing reward. For example, Diamond Pickaxe.

  • Items - Collection of items given to player at claiming the reward.

  • Commands - Collection of commands executed to player at claiming the reward.

How to create reward

There are two options how to create reward. By in-game Reward UI or Manually in the confiuration file. Both have some restrictions, so if you want use some advanced methods you will need to use combination of them.

Using in-game Reward UI

To open Reward UI type /Coupon Settings

You can inspire with Coupon tutorial.

Manually in the file

Configuration file RewardRepository.yml is located at folder Reward.

Template for the one reward

  Name: '&5Name of the reward using color codes!'
  Description: 'Optional Description'
    Material: STONE #Material of the Icon
    MaterialData: 0 #Used for items, where the plugin runs on the version from 1.8.8 to 1.12.X. Here you can specify color of the material.
    Enchantment: false #Flag if the enchantment is applied on the Icon
    Color: "255:255:255" #RGB Color format of leather armor
    ItemFlags: #Flags applied on the Icon
    CustomModelData: 0 # Only versions 1.14 and above
    ItemList: [] #Cannot be set upped here.
    CommandList: []

List of commands example

- "money give {player} 100"
- "set VIP {player} 30Day"

Testing the reward

At detail of the Reward, at bottom of the UI, there is a Redstone Dust. By click on it, you can test the reward. All Items and Commands will be given to you. (No Database query/update will be executed.)

Available through Settings and Reward Repository.


After successful setting up of the rewards, you need to reload the plugin to load new rewards.

To reload the whole plugin type /Coupon Reload

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