Plugin downloaded, what should I do next?


Before you run Advent Season plugin on your server, there are a few requirements that you have to check.

  • Ensure you are using Minecraft version 1.8.8 or later. (Versions below 1.8.8 are not supported!)

  • Your server has installed Java8 or later.

  • Make sure that you have already installed plugins ProfileStorage and TheCore

  • (Optional) To play various carols, make sure you have installed NoteBlockAPI.


Downloaded .zip file contains more .jar file depending on the server version. Choose the one that fits your server.

  1. Put Advent Season.jar into plugins folder at your server.

  2. Restart your server.

    1. If you are using PlugMan, load it through it while server is running.

  3. Done, jump into configuration and setting up.

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