Looking into config.yml


Whole resource using English localization as default.

To translate messages follow steps below:

  • Move to Locale folder of MelodyPlayer plugin

  • Just make duplicate of EN.yml file.

  • Rename it and write the name of the file into config.yml.


#LocaleFile: EN.yml
Prefix: "&5&lMelody Player &6\u2771"
#LocaleFile: SK.yml (Slovak)
Prefix: "&5&lPrehrÑvač &6\u2771"
  Primary: SK #Previously EN

Multi localization

Plugin is able to hold different localisations at the same time. It’s up to player, which localisation wants to display.

Secondary localizations do not have to contain all translations. In case of secondary translation does not contain requested path, the primary file is used to fetch data.

  Primary: EN
  - SK
  - CZ


Plugin sends anonymous data such as version of this resource, your server version and addition data of configuration. These data will help me in future development. All requests are asynchronous, so it has no impact on server's performance.

If you don't want to share these data, you can easily disable it.

  Active: false

Data collected from your server about Melody Player

  • Server Version

  • Resource Version


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